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Quality Aggregate in Stoughton

Coderre & Sons Construction Ltd. was founded in 1945 by W.H. Coderre, and runs as a family owned and operated business. Our company is committed to safety, and has been a part of the COR™ safety program since 1999. This program is based off of the guidelines of the Heavy Construction Safety Association of Saskatchewan Inc. We are also committed to providing you with quality products delivered on a timely basis, so contact us today.


Sand Products

  • 2mm minus brick sand for brick, stone, masonry, stucco work, golf courses & playgrounds

  • 6mm minus concrete sand

  • 5mm minus bedding sand for backfilling pipelines & tank pads

  • 5mm minus sand/salt mixture for ice control on winter roads & streets

Screened Gravel Products

  • 7/8” screened gravel
    • Traffic gravel for secondary roads

    • Iron free filter gravel for backfilling water wells

  • 1 ½” to 3” screened gravel for site preps & fill
    • Traffic/compaction gravel for oil leases & lease roads

  • 6” minus pit run gravel for fill sub-base & compaction

  • Crushed Gravel Products

    • ¾”, 7/8”, 1” or 1 ½” crushed traffic gravel

    • Type 33 base gravel for compaction

    • 1 ½” crushed gravel for oilfield lease roads & leases

    • Type 117 or 118 seal coat aggregate for sand sealing

    • Type 71 asphalt aggregate for paving

    Crushed Rock Products

    • ¾” or 7/8” crushed concrete rock for ready mix drainage rock or backfilling poles

    • 1 ½” or 2” crushed rock ballast CP or CN spec

    • 3/8” crushed fines, reject or tailings for compaction

    Screened Rock Products

    • 1/8” to ¾” for backfilling underground tanks

    • Radon (drainage) rock for basement floors

    • 2” to 5” screened rock to repair soft spots on roads & streets

    • 6” to 24” rock for erosion control, riprap for culverts & bridges

    Landscape Products

    Topsoil and all sizes of sand, screened and crushed rock as well as large feature (decorative) rocks.

    In addition to our crushing, screening, and processing equipment, we have a material testing lab and are able to produce any type of specific material.

    site preparation

    Site Preparation

    Excavation, demolition and


    Loading and Hauling

    Loading and Hauling

    We deliver our products throughout

    the Stoughton area

    Paving Asphalt

    Paving Asphalt

    We offer processed gravel for roads

    and parking lots  

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